Here's what our former review students are saying.

The following are just some of the rave reviews left by our students on the Review Masters Fan Page as well as on our Review Masters Bicol Fan Page. This will tell you that Review Masters can make reviewing for college entrance tests not only effective but also definitely engaging.

upcat review summer class

RM was a very efficient ground for the review. UPCAT bears a lot of pressure and fear not only on me, but most of the students. In the course of my review, I have met lots of people, since I was from Cavite and I reviewed in UST. Online reviews and other freebies gave me a sense of reviewing, being motivated and building relationships with people at the same time. Thank you RM! Kudos to y’all!?

Charles Pereyra
upcat review review masters photo day

I was worried because the duration of the review is pretty short but, amazingly, it wasn’t actually a problem since I was able to identify all the topics I needed to improve on. Additionally, the online review materials are very helpful for self-assessment. With everything considered, it was extraordinary and enjoyable. Thanks a lot Review Masters!

Meg Earl Isorena
upcat review lovely students

RM helped me pass all my college entrance exams due to their knowledgeable tips and tricks. Worth it!!!

Angel Reyes
review masters upcat review students

Hindi ako nagkamali sa pagpili sa Review Masters. Hindi matatawaran ang aking mga karanasan sa dalawang linggong pamamalagi kasama ang Review Masters. Hindi sila nabigo sa kanilang layuning makatulong sa mga mag-aaral na nais makapasok sa mga nangungunang unibersidad sa ating bansa. Lubos ang aking pasasalamat sa mga guro/propesor na nag-abot ng kanilang kaalaman gayundin sa mga facilitator na hindi nagsawa magpasaya at tumulong sa amin.

Maraming salamat!

Heey Jude
review masters reunion

I never thought I would say this but RM was one of the most unique experiences I had. I would like to thank those people who facilitated and taught us a lot in just a short span of time.

Charles Lagamayo
upcat review creative shot on the pavement

My Review Masters experience was quite memorable! I enrolled with an intent to know the things I lacked with the upcoming CETs in a traditional classroom setting and approach but I was totally surprised with the many ways each day was to be made unique. From the day to day “pakulo”, the teachers and facilitators who were very accomodating, to the people who I got to interact with on a daily basis, everything deserved a special place within me.

I have no regrets nor complaints that I spent the remaining days of my summer in such a wonderful environment. All the memories and friends I was able to make made in the process made my entire review experience worthwhile. Keep up the great work, RM!

Gene Paul Rafael
upcat review class activities

I learned many things from the professors I met here. Salamat sa kuya ko, nalaman ko ito. Hihi

Kayecelyn Manato
upcat review boys having fun

Hello, highly recommended talaga ang RM. Worth it pag travel ko from Isabela to Manila just to attend this event! Great experience! ?

Lester John II
upcat review class picture

To be honest, I initially dismissed the idea of enrolling in a summer class because I felt that I should enjoy my mere two months of freedom to the fullest. Nevertheless, because my aspirations of studying in UP were too strong, I felt that I needed to suffer just a bit more in order to get what I want. Review Masters did just that. The whole experience was not only fun but also very humbling. It reminded me that despite all these years of learning, there are things that we forget due to our nature of forgetfulness. Thanks to RM, I’ve become more prepared for the infamous UPCAT. The whole two weeks was memorable and the memories I’ve made will leave their mark as time moves on.

Daryll Jan Dela Rosa
upcat review class break

Sobrang saya ng review dito!!! Ang interactive pa ng mga teachers kaya hindi nakakabore?

Aiezack Joshua Mabango
review masters upcat passers from pshs-brc

All thoughout my journey in Review Masters, I believe that my confidence and discipline developed. I always thought that this review would simply be just a normal classroom setup but it was more than anything I would have imagined. It was a different world for I have learned a lot of things. I’ve met new people that I never thought I’d be close with. RM gave me a chance to widen my horizons for I was learning and at the same time, I was enjoying. It was as if the line between work and play blurred did not exist for I was experiencing both at the same time. I’ve seen a lot of inspiration to strive more to achieve my dream. Review Masters is not just a review center. It is home.

JayCee Ebreo
upcat review graduation

Very dedicated people! Helped me gain a lot more confidence in taking my cets.

Jec Tac
upcat review lovely students pose for a picture

I love it! it’s the best! omg! now i can cope up with every subj. and i’m passing more quizes and test rather than failing them. #harthart

Kristiane de Guzman
upcat review side mission mission-wacky-guys

Teachers were great…The lessons really came back for me and also to my friends… Overall the review is very effective and fun… I learned a lot even though it was supposed to be a review only… also techniques and tips and tricks on how to pass upcat and other cets were very helpful. and informative… keep up the great work… strive for excellence… never settle with less…

Andrew Brijuega
upcat review students having fun

Great experience! Was able to learn new things and relearn a lot of things that will surely help me pass the CETs. Gained new friends and had lots of fun! I will, I shall and I must pass the UPCAT!

Jeleen Lucañas Realubit
upcat review students pose for a picture after class

Not your ordinary classroom experience. RM has taught me so much more than what I expected. They gave so much effort in making the review a success. I learned new concepts and reviewed the past ones tackled from lower grade levels. It was such an amazing experience. I will never regret spending a few days of summer for this and a few more for the online review. Thank you so much Review Masters for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. God bless. ??

Jacqueline Lacsamana Mella
upcat review naga class poses wth mentor

Enrolling in Review Masters is a MUST!! especially If you want to ace your CETs especially UPCAT ❤️

Patricia Marie Tolentino
upcat review students wacky pose

11/10!! Very helpful lalo na sa pagpprepare when it comes to taking CETs ❤️ Ya’ll should attend RM classes especially the 37 tips!! #37Tips

Lara Gicana
upcat review students from the same school

Worth it! That’s all I can say. Sobrang helpful ng UPCAT REVIEW MASTERS kung gusto mo talagang pumasa mga CET’s. Aside from that, nakakakilala ka ng mga bagong friends from different schools, naeenhance mo yung mga subjects na alam mo na, and mas natututunan and dadidiscover mo naman yung mga areas na nahihirapan ka. Pag member ka ng Review Master, may 1 year access ka sa online review nila. Isn’t it amazing? Plus your mentors are so approachable, witty, friendly and awesome. Maamaze ka sa mga baon nilang information to share with the students. Although nakakaintimidate talaga minsan, pero you will love the way they talk and the way they teach.
You’ll also learn to enjoy and have fun sa mga activities ng mga facilitators. Lastly, mas madidiscover mo yung capability mo not just as student, but as a person as well.

Neri Miranda
UPCAT Review students cutesy pose

Totally helpful! If you want to review for the upcoming entrance exams without sacrificing your summer, this is your bet. They have a unique system of reviewing for the exams – classroom review for 11 days and online classes. Their classroom review consists of test and discussion, mainly covering the basics and the fundamental concepts of the core subjects which were very helpful since most of the topics in entrance exams are basic concepts and application of those. I especially liked their online classes because in my time, we had online classes from june/july until first week of september – which is excellent because the topics are constantly refreshed. The teachers and staffs are credible and expert in their respective subjects, are easy to approach, and they adjust to your needs. I highly recommend this review center because it equipped me with the right mix of knowledge and confidence to pass the ACET, DCAT, USTET, UPCAT, and DOST scholarship.

Angela Talingdan Ibarra