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UPCAT Review Plus exam taking workshop

Grade-12 Senior High School is perhaps the most tumultuous and stressful year of any high school student’s life. Why?

  • Because this is the year when he/she has to take multiple college entrance tests for admission into universities like UP, DLSU, ADNU, UST, etc.
  • Because this is also the year when he/she must decide which program/course to take in college. With the advent of artificial intelligence and forecasts that 40% of all jobs today will be gone in 10-20 years’ time, today’s generation faces a daunting challenge absent before.

It goes without saying that the parents are probably more stressed about their children’s transition into college than the students themselves. Parents will have to come up with answers to difficult questions such as:

  • How can I increase my child’s chances of getting into a good university?
  • What college courses should I recommend to give my child a good chance of landing a stable and great job in the future?
  • What other universities or colleges should I recommend just in case my child doesn’t make it into the top 4 universities in the country?

At Review Masters Pampanga, we have anticipated these concerns and thus have integrated them into a College Transition / College Admissions Exam Review program – what we call the UPCAT Review Plus – that goes far beyond preparing your child academically for college entrance exams.


The UPCAT REVIEW PLUS program by Review Masters Pampanga

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The following details the UPCAT Review Plus Inclusions that Review Masters Pampanga students will enjoy. These are the things that make our program the most comprehensive college transition and college readiness review program in Pampanga and nationwide.

  1. Classroom Review

This is what you normally expect from an UPCAT and college entrance test review program, and it’s part and parcel of the UPCAT Review Plus program. Students will experience classroom instruction from the best review instructors Review Masters can find.


  1. All-UP Faculty

Only the best will teach your children at Review Masters Pampanga. Our review instructors are a mix of active UP Instructors, past UP Instructors, and exemplary UP graduates. They’ll be sent here by Review Masters Headquarters in Manila – at considerable expense to us here in Review Masters Pampanga [hotel accommodation, transportation, meals, recreation, etc] – just so your children will be able to enjoy the same standards of excellence that students in Manila-based review centers do.

Another reason we’re so set on an all-UP faculty: we want our students to be able to visualize UP life, so we show them what a typical class in UP is like and how mentally stimulating UP instruction can be.


  1. Multimedia PowerPoint Lectures

Every one of our review classrooms is equipped with a SMART TV, and our instructors have been instructed to use multimedia learning aids in their lectures.

Through the years, we’ve come to realize that traditional teaching methods such as drawing equations and diagrams on the board takes up valuable time in the review program and do not convey the lessons as well as videos or actual photos.


  1. Review Masters branded Review Materials/Student Kit

Review Masters changes its review materials every year based on input from students and instructors. Our review materials are original. Photocopied, recycled and copied reviewers will not do for our students.


  1. Virtual Review Classes

Virtual classes are just like classroom review classes in that review instructors will teach lessons in their subject matter expertise while students can ask questions and interact with their instructors and classmates. The only difference is that virtual classes are held online.

Virtual classes are held live and in real-time according to a set schedule (such to be announced during the classroom review). Our students who are unable to attend virtual classes may later view a recording of such classes in their online review portals.


  1. Online Review Portal

Review Masters has compiled thousands of review questions – and they’re all free and available to use (24/7) for our review students. They’re meant to be used as self-study aids. Students can thus review in their own time and at their own pace using a wealth of review materials.


  1. Simulated UPCAT Exam

Our students take a simulated UPCAT exam as part of the classroom review. They also have a take-home simulated UPCAT exam; it’s meant to be a self-timed exam that students will take at home. And the Online Review Portal also has another simulated UPCAT exam for download, which students may also use to practice for the actual UPCAT.

If it’s practice that makes perfect, our students will not lack for it.


  1. Exam-Taking Tips Workshop

This will teach our students to be not just academically smart but also street smart in their upcoming college entrance exams. Here we teach students some proven tips in finding the correct answers to multiple choice questions even if they have absolutely no clue as to which of the choices is the correct one.


  1. An UPCAT Algorithm and Other College Entrance Test Coverage Seminar

The UPCAT Review Plus program includes a seminar on how UP chooses its “passers” and the coverage of the UPCAT as well as other in-demand college entrance tests.

UP, for example, does not choose based on academic performance alone. Sometimes, a student with a lower university predicted grade can make the cut, while someone who has a higher university predicted grade can not.

This information gives our students an edge, increasing their chances of passing the UPCAT and other college entrance tests.


  1. An In-Demand Courses Seminar

We orient our students on in-demand courses, guided by DOLE’s Project Jobsfit report, which highlights several careers projected to have massive demand up to the year 2022. Included in the seminar is a discussion as to which jobs are at risk due to the impending rise of AI in several industries.


  1. Top Universities in the Philippines Seminar

This seminar will answer the question: which universities should I consider if I really want to study [insert course/degree here]?

In this seminar, universities are ranked, according to course, based on their average board exam passing rates in the past several years or CHED accreditation status. For instance, PRC data show that one of the top accounting and mining engineering schools in the Philippines is Bicol University, while for mechanical engineering, one of the top 3 schools is Batangas State University.

This will give you and your child an expanded college selection horizon. You’ll learn which universities are worth considering given their performance in board exams in your target course/ program.


  1. UPCAT Application and Results Seminar

How a UP applicant fills out his/her form has an impact on his/her chances of passing the UPCAT. So in this seminar, we teach our students how to properly accomplish their UPCAT application forms. We also orient them on the different types of UPCAT results like Degree Program with Available Slots, Pending, etc. then give them an idea on what to do next if they get such results.


  1. Simulation Exam and Post Review Report Card for Parents

At the end of it all, students and their parents want to know what their chances are of passing the UPCAT. At Review Masters, we use our predictive simulated exam results to approximate the probability of a student passing the UPCAT. The report card also includes other pertinent details such as universities that we recommend and that the student should target.


  1. Post-UPCAT Support

We keep in touch with our students long after they have taken the UPCAT. We give them updates and reminders about other college entrance tests. We are there for them when they get their college entrance test results. We even continue playing a supporting role when they enrol in UP or whichever university they end up choosing.

We have also formed partnerships with UP Ibalon and UP Harong over at UP Diliman to help our students even after the review and the exam results come out. This may involve answering some questions about appealing pending cases, getting into a campus dorm or even adjusting to UP life should they get into the Diliman campus.

We at Review Masters Pampanga believe that it takes much, much more than the standard academic review to truly prepare your children for college. Thus, we have endeavoured to make our college transition system as complete, as painless, and as helpful as possible for our students and you – their parents.


Review Masters UPCAT REVIEW PLUS – so much more than an UPCAT Review.

Enroll your child in the 2019 UPCAT Review Plus program here:
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